The Movement

The Global Youth Movement on Climate Change

“As we move towards a carbon-constrained world, it is the youth that will fully experience the future consequences of today’s actions of humanity. If you are part of a youth organization or project, or an individual, is for you to connect and join the world’s largest social movement and fight for a better future.”

As youths, the future is ours. Yet, actions today jeopardize the very world we will have live in.

With energetic and spirited approaches, youths around the world have taken a leading role in the fight to solve the climate crisis.  With the survival of all nations and communities at stake, young people, as responsible global citizens, are responding to the climate challenge from grassroots levels to the highest political platforms in order to change the world’s course towards disaster.

Our presence in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) is driven by the need for representation of the key stakeholders affected by climate change. Within the framework and the global youth climate movement, different youth groups, from different backgrounds have connected to form a strong but diverse voice on the issues affecting us.

The youth movement within the framework has been ongoing since the very inception of the UNFCCC framework. 2009  marked the year when YOUNGO, the collection of youth NGOs worldwide committed to combatting anthropogenic climate change was officially recognised as a constituency within the framework.

Youths at the negotiations organise to support various stakeholder groups, including youth, women & indegenous rights, as well as nations disadvantaged and affected by climate change.