Get Involved!

Found out about our movement ?

Know what YOUNGO is about ?

Every year, the youth movement organises to put pressure on our governments to do the right thing in the negotiations. Our recent provisional constituency status is a testament to the hard work that youths worldwide have put in the negotiations.

So how to hook up with the action???

Join our Mailing Lists & Working Groups – with so many, there is bound to be a niche that you’ll love!

Attend the Conference of Youths (COY) – held a few days before the COP it is one of the largest congregation of youths on climate change that is organised by youths for youths!

Talk to our spokespersons – we’re all passionate people fighting for something we care for. We’d love to share what we can.

Take part in our events – Online or offline. At the COP or the inter-sessionals or even the local event in your city. If you find one that piques your interest, why not check it out.

Join hands with our partner organizations –, Tcktcktck & Adopt a negotiator are only some of the many organisations worldwide that are affiliated with us. They’d love another passionate soul in their ranks!

Help us to make youth voice powerful and make it count – the strength of our voice is by the strength of our members. Its time we stand up and make our voice heard!

Get involved and don’t wait until COP unless you have to. More than 85% of youth coming have never been to a COP before. When in doubt, get involved, share your ideas and thoughts, ask questions. The best thing is to find a group working on issues that interest you and help make it successful. If there is specific thing you want to work on that is not covered, start your own group! Check out the list of Working/Affinity groups. Also, be sure to ask for help if you are not sure!