Capacity Building WG






We are the Capacity Building Working Group of the YOUNGOs at the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Process!
Our task is to support youth delegates attending the COP15 and to provide them with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order for them to be the most effective!


 Capacity buildig of youth activists, Benifit from our work:

What: Final round of capacity building prior to the COP,

When: Tuesday 1st December, at 4pmGMT

How: Go to and search for room “thomasspencer”

After the UNFCCC Crashcourse and an introduction to being a youth delegate at the COP, the next and final round of capacity building prior to the COP will take place on Tuesday 1st December, at 4pmGMT (=5pm Central European Time for most EU countries). The session will be prepared by Thomas Spencer and will take the form of a Briefing on Policy: Thomas will introduce you to the main stakes at the COP as well as to the main position of the big players in these negotiations. Following the recent Russian, US, Chinese and India change in position in these negotiations, this session should shed a light on where those big actors (and others) stand at the moment. I really recommend this session!!!
How to join?
Go a few minutes in advance to and search for the room “thomasspencer” and for the meeting “thomasspencer” (free of charge and no need to register).
Listen and enjoy the session!
Concerning the UNFCCC crashcourse, I ran into troubles with my Mac and could not save the audio of my presentation. Apologies! If you missed it and were still willing to learn about UNFCCC structure, there will be similar presentations ran at the COY on the 5-6 December.


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