Welcome to the International Youth Conference of Youth Working Group


We’ll be using this as our primary means of organising of the 5th COnference of Youth which is to take place at COP15 in Copenhagen! 


“To build trust and solidarity among youth who will be attending COP15, and to share ideas, thoughts, successes and skills with each other, To build a truly global movement to stop the climate crisis.”

How do you take part i the conference. What is it. Who is working on what. In this web portal we have a page for dedicatedjust for COY. Please go to for all the basic infomations you need to know about the 5th Conferene of youth.

Register for COY: Make sure you are registered with the Conference participants list if you want to take part in this amazing event (Open for Youth from around the world who will be attending COP15). Click here to register.

To contact the COY masterminders:

Agathe Cavicchioli (France) – COY Working Group Chair
Phil Aroneanu (USA)
Joao Scarpelini (Brasil)
Ibraheem Ceesay (Gambia)
Esperanza Garcia (Philippines)
Wilson Ang (Singapore)
Marcelo Quintanilla (Mexico)
Yoshi Kanemitsu (Japan)
Jenny Chu (New Zealand)
Adrian Yeo Eng Kang (Malaysia) – COY and YOUNGO logistics

Please wait while till we put more relevent information:


Join our Working Groups.

Young people working on Climate Change who are specificially concentrating on the coming Copenahgen treaty have established different working groups for different purposes.

Visit our Central coordinating group



  • We also have 3 more major groups for discussing of the policy and actions related to LULUCF/REDD), tracking and advocating for references to youth in the text of the climate agreement and one for the Project Survival.