COP15 – Copenhagen, Denmark

COP15 – København

Mr. de Boer Says!!!

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Yvo de BoerThe United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen (COP 15) will be a turning point in the fight to prevent climate disaster. The science demands it, the economics support it, future generations require it. In early December, negotiators, ministers and world leaders will assemble in the Danish capital to give the people of all nations a strong answer to this common, global threat of climate change.

At Copenhagen, governments must reach agreement on all the essential elements of a comprehensive, fair and effective deal on climate change, that both ensures long-term commitments and launches immediate action. We have the opportunity now to shape our common future and that of generations to come, for the better…….

In September, at the UN climate change summit in New York, over 100 world leaders stood up and committed to seal a successful Copenhagen climate deal. The world now expects its leaders and the negotiations to deliver the ambitious outcome needed to turn the tide.


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