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Young and Future Generations Day

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Why we need the day and what we do there: Rationale for the Day: The Day is provided as a framework. We work together to provide the necessary tools and space for the Day to happen as well as an official program. But then all youth NGOs are invited to contribute to the day with their own initiatives. What we will be doing: Hammering a key message from the view point of youth at the beginning of the negotiations in a very well coordinated manner. is the main target of the day. Intergenerational Equity is under-valued in the process and this is one of the main messages we can as youth push forward with the most legitimacy. The “thematic day” approach can have an overwhelming impact as we do have the capacity to impose our message if we commit to work in a strategic manner and in a limited time window. What we want the out come to be:
  1. To have the agenda for COP15 talking about inter generational equity.
  2. Push for ambitious targets that will protect future generations by making a strong focused on 350ppm.
  3. Profile youth as a constructive partner with insight and innovative perspectives in COP 15 negotiations.
  4. Profile youth as implementers of solutions, with the capacity to exceed current targets through our own actions in communities and countries. Show unity through the diversity of approaches
Preparation Building on the existing YFG-Day WG, a core WG will take care of coordination and logistics prior to the conference. The YFG-Day concept will be more substantially introduced at the Conference of Youth and the Working Group on the YFG-Day will be strengthen then. On the 9th December, briefings will be organized for youth on the events of the following day (YOUNGO room, 5-6pm slot). How will the content will happen: The policy WG of the YOUNGO will develop the talking points for the YFG-Day (and beyond). General talking points will reflect closely the objectives of the day. A second set of talking points will be used for specific issues such as youth as moral stakeholder in the process or the translation of the intergenerational equity in political claims in the negotiation process. Visibility All youth delegates attending the conference will wear Orange 2050 TShirts during the day. In addition 1000 orange YFG-Day scarves will be produced and distributed to delegates supportive of the day. A specific logo will be developed. Posters and banners will be produced and the Youth Arcade will be used for visual presentation of youth involvement in climate change policy making and implementation. We will also produce a YOUNGO newsletter on the day (and on the following day) to highlight some key issues in relation to the YFG Day. We will also gather as many youth as possible the time for a group picture of the YOUNGO delegations. Negotiations Depending the on the stage of the negotiations, we will lobby to obtain the right to make statements at the negotiations. We will try to bring the YFG-Day directly at the negotiations through distributing scarves and TShirts to official delegates and by asking the chairs of the contact groups to mention the YFG-Day/intergenerational equity in their introduction statements. Youth Arcade On the YFG-Day, the youth arcade (located in the exhibit area, at the entrance of the Bella center) will host a series of 30-minutes long presentations related to the involvement and role of young people in relation to climate change. An official opening of the youth arcade will also take place on this day with the final set up of the area being revealed. The detailed program is still to be confirmed. Visual installations Visual installations will shown by the YOUNGOs in different places. Two of the pillars located on the side of the main walkway at the entrance of the Bella Center will be covered by pictures highlighting the engagement of young people on climate change. A visual installation will also be presented on the side of the room used for the side events. Finally a short slideshow/film will be screened at the entrance of the EU pavillon (all these elements are subject to confirmation by the UNFCCC secretariat). Representative from the YOUNGOs will be giving interviews as a part of the interviews organized by the UNFCCC and available on among many other interviews from prominent actors of the negotiations. Youth Dialogues The youth delegates will hold a meeting with representatives from some of the key governmental delegations in this negotiation process and will interact, discussing issues related to the role of youth in the process and in supporting climate change mitigation, as well as on intergenerational issues. The dialogue will involve representatives from several governmental delegations and therefore will take a different form that the usual bilateral meetings with national delegation. Reception A YOUNGOs reception will be organized in town open to all YOUNGOs delegates and other delegates upon invitations (UNFCCC secretariat staff, head of delegations, press, friendly supportive NGOs and IOs). The reception will be accompanied by short speeches (possibly by Yvo de Boer on the constituency status). Wrap-Up: Friday 11th December The wrap-up will take place in the following day with a press conference involving short reports of the activities of the day, and the publication of a second issue of the YFG-Day newsletter, also providing updates from the different initiatives.