Media Events


A communication campaign  around the YFG-Day will start in the first days of the COP. One introductory  press conference presenting the YFG-Day and the role of youth at the  UNFCCC process will take place in the morning; a second press conference  will be scheduled in the afternoon with a few youth highlighting the  claims of youth in relation to the political negotiations (if we can  obtain only one, we would combine those two issues). We will also rely  heavily on youth produced media to promote and publicize the outcomes  of the day and the content of the events.

Press Conferences
Wednesday, 9th December 14:30-15:00 The concept of the Young and Future Generations Day and the issue of youth participation
Room Asger Jorn Organized by Service Civil International Contact: Mr. Sebastien Duyck
    +45 50652648
Thursday, 10th December 15:00-15:30 Youth Expectations from Copenhagen: An outcome based on  What intergenerational solidarity
Room Asger Jorn Organized by European Youth Forum Contact: Ms. Julie Teng
    +32 2 2869426