Conference of Youth 5

coy_logo_webWelcome to the Conference of Youth. Here you can find information about the youth conference that will take place before COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The COY Programme can be found here

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Youth from around the world who will be attending COP15

When: December 5-6, 2009 (8:30am-6:00pm both days)

Where: Copenhagen YMCA, Saturday — University of Copenhagen, Metro Annex, Sunday (

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Goals –
To build trust and solidarity among youth who will be attending COP15, and to share ieas, thoughts, successes and skills with each other. To build a truly global movement to stop the climate crisis.

Housing/Sponsorship: Participants are responsible for their own housing. COY will not provide sponsorships of any kind to participants.

COY Committee – The COY committee is a volunteer group of 6-10 young people from all over the world who are helping make sure COY runs smoothly. Learn more about the COY Committee here.

Below is a sample list of workshops at the COY. You do not have to register for a track, and you can attend workshops from either track. The COY will also use open space sessions to develop affinity and working groups, and give time for participants to share skills and knowledge in smaller groups.

The COY Programme can be found here


COP overview and orientation
Update on climate science
What’s at stake? Climate impacts and climate justice
What’s at stake? Climate impacts and climate justice (Español)
What’s at stake? Climate impacts and climate justice (Français)
Youth at COP + YOUNGO
Utilizing a day at the COP effectively

COP policy nuts and bolts
The Process of the UNFCCC
Specific AWG-LCA, AWG-KP policies
Carbon trading, CDM, and REDD
Finance + Technology Transfer


Public Narrative
New media – reporting out from the COP – blogging, video, photo, social media
Traditional media – writing press releases, media advisories
Talking to the Media
Talking to the Media (Español)
Talking to the Media (Français)

Local campaign tactics and best practices (for COP and for home)
Actions and stunts

Strategy 101
Goals, targets, tactics – with COP as our case example
Campaign nuts and bolts – fundraising, networking, lobbying, event organizing, etc…
Group facilitation and running good meetings