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Please read all the information here and then register your block at the link provided at bottom.

1. Day of action information outline
Please join us in central Copenhagen on Saturday the 12th December for our ambitious, large scale rally and ensuing march from Parliament Square in Copenhagen to the Bella Center, as the central high-profile event of a ‘day of action’ on climate change around the world.
Our objective is to create a large, peaceful, coordinated and colourful grouping of a broad base of local and international supporters to call for a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty at the UNFCCC climate summit. This will generate international media interest, place pressure on negotiators at the summit, and send out a call for urgent action on climate change around the world.
Creative Messaging Project: Turn a used sail into a climate banner!
We have a limited amount of used boat sails, and we can provide one to your block to decorate in advance of the demonstration with climate messages and images. These sails will be displayed at Parliament Square, then carried to the Bella Center and delivered to UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer and some delegations.
Please Bring Candles:  A candle light ceremony will be held after the march arrives at the Bella Center and so please ask everyone in your block to bring a candle in a container that will protect it from the wind.  This will be a beautiful action and will also help provide light for us all in the dark of night!

Route: Map here:

Schedule & locations:
13:00             Assembly at Parliament Square
14:00             Walk from Christianborg Slotsplads, passing through…
14.15             Christiansborg Torv
15:00             Frankrigsgade Kirke
16:00             Sundby Idraetsplads
17:00             Arrival at Bella Center

2. Kodex and general principles of the day

Sound and colour: Music is welcome in the demo and colourful block themes are strongly encouraged.
Demonstration stewards: The overall demonstration will be stewarded by 150 experienced stewards from the Construction Trade Union.
Feeder Marches:  If you have a feeder march that will start before Parliament Square, we need to know where you will start from and your route and you must inform the police via + 45 35 21 28 98 or
2 Block Contacts Needed:  Each block must have a designated leader and assistant leader.   Contact info for these 2 people must be provided so that the demo guides can be in contact with them throughout the demonstration.

Internal block guides: Each block is required to have a series of internal block guides who will be responsible for managing the movement of their block on the march.  Plan on 1 block guide for every 25 people.
Cleaning up stewards: Each block will be also asked to provide 5 stewards who can help with cleaning after the Parliament Square and Bella Center rallies on the day.
Bicycles: Bicycles are very welcome in the march. Please inform us if you intend to have a bicycle block – we need to inform the police so they are aware.  In bicycle blocks, participants can ride the bikes. If you want to take a bike into a walking block, you must walk with the bicycle, to ensure the safety of all participants.

Block vehicles: Vehicles are allowed if used for floats or sound systems but we encourage you to use environmentally friendly vehicles like bikes and electric vehicles as much as possible. We have contacts that can provide you with bicycle sound systems.  Please let us know if you are interested. All vehicles must be registered with the block organizers and police and inspected upon arrival at the demonstration.
Torches: Wax torches or candles are OK. But please do not bring oil reservoir torches to the demo, these are dangerous for crowds and will be confiscated.
Non violence: This is a peaceful, family friendly day of action and anyone taking part in the event must adhere to our strong non violent principles.
No covering of faces: You are advised not to wear costumes or clothes that cover your face on the day as there is a law in Denmark prohibiting the wearing of masks in demonstrations.

Passport: If you are coming from outside of Denmark, you are advised that Danish law requires you to carry your passport at all times.
General advice: For further advice on conduct see the following multi-language PDF leaflet which the Danish police have produced regarding demonstrations in Denmark:

3. Creative Messaging Project: Turn a used sail into a climate banner!
As mentioned above, we can provide each block with a used boat sail in good condition for your group to decorate in advance of the demonstration with climate messages and images.  Or you can ask an artist to decorate one for you. You can pick up your sail from the GCCA office in Norrebro once you have registered your block, the block registration form asks you to specify when this can take place.

4. Important – Please now register your block below
Please now register your block details with the December 12th Initiative through the following link. We need this information to properly plan and manage the demonstration on the day:

We will be in touch with further information once we have received your registration form.
If you have any questions, please write to:


What European greens have to say about tomorrows action:

Dear Green COP 15/ Copenhagen demo participants,
Below you will find some information from the organisers of the 12th Demonstration in Copenhagen. Here you will find some general safety information and a schedule for the day.
I want to point out that:
We, as European and Global Greens, will be participating as part of the SF Block. This means that there is no need for us, as the European Greens, or for your parties, to register as a separate block. So please do not register as a separate block.
Can I also draw your attention to the very important section about the non-violent nature of the march and how to minimise the possibilities of problems with the police. In particular, it is very important that you do not cover your faces in any way (this could even mean covering your face with a scarf, considering that it may well be very cold in Copenhagen) and that all non-Danish participants carry their passports at all times.
REMINDER OF MEETING POINT FOR GREENS: . Greens wanting to meeting up for the Demo should meet up next to the SF truck in front of the Danish Parliament in Christiansborg Palace (Christiansborg Slotsplads) at 12.30.
The SF truck should be easy to find as it will have SF banners on it. We will have also Green umbrellas, banners etc for you to carry in the demo. We really look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible as this will be the best chance we have of making our presence as Greens felt during the Copenhagen talks. The demonstration itself will begin at 13.00 and end at 18.00.  SF has set up a special facebook page about this, which we would ask you to visit and spread as widely as possible. The facebook page can be found at: We would ask all those parties who have not already done so to officially endorse this demonstration by sending an email to The demonstration website is: .
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Copenhagen.
Best regards
Graham Burgess
Graham Burgess
Media and Communications Officer
European Green Party
Office no: +32 (0)2 626 0724
Mobile no: +32 (0)477 902 023