COY7, Durban

The 7th Conference of Youth is over! Over 400 young people came, energetic and optimistic, participating in workshops and discussions on climate change and theories of campaigning, action and change.

Did you come to the 7th Conference of Youth? We’d love to receive your feedback! We’re just getting started organising the 8th Conference of Youth in Doha, Qatar and would like to make sure its better than ever. If you could fill in this feedback form, we’d really appreciate it.

Live updates were available by following the hashtag ‘#COY7′ on Twitter. The International Youth Climate Movement’s twitter feed ‘@IYCM’ is also provided updates. Photos will be tagged with ‘conferenceofyouth’ on Flickr and these should appear on the Flickr wall on the COY7 website.

Logo for the 7th Conference of Youth

The Conference of Youth is a moment each year for international youth to come together, and build a movement to solve the climate crisis.

The 6th Conference of Youth in Cancún, 2010

The Conference of Youth (COY) is about bringing together youth from all over the world who are passionate about sustainability and climate change. It’s a place to connect, share skills and build a movement.

This year, we’re celebrating our 7th birthday in Durban, South Africa! COY is an entirely youth run and organised event, which takes place annually before the start of the UNFCCC climate conferences.

Last year, we saw over 400 young people from over 40 different countries attend COY6 in Cancún, Mexico. This year, we hope to be even bigger and better. With COY7 in South Africa this year, it will now become even more accessible to youth in the African region. All young people are welcome – experienced youth climate activists, newcomers, local South African students – anyone who wants to build a safe climate future!

COY aims to deliver a conference that seasoned campaigners and beginners alike can attend giving them a platform to learn, organise and inspire. COY is all about learning new skills, making friends, forging connections, collaborating on campaigns, and last but not least having fun!

Not only that, but it’s also a moment for the African youth climate movement. With COP17 being the ‘African COP’, it is a fantastic opportunity to build and grow a youth climate movement to overcome the unique challenges that climate change brings to South Africa and the African continent. Many parts of Africa will be hit hard by climate change, without having contributed anything to the problem. To combat climate injustice, African youth must come together and change their communities and their governments to solve this crisis – and COY7 is one step on that long road.

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We hope to hear from you soon!

Yours Faithfully,

The COY Organising Team

n.b. See the fantastic video below, ‘An Inconvenient Youth’, for an introduction to young people at the United Nations climate change negotiations.