Climate Positive COY

Climate Positive (C+) COY7 is about making sure that the event leaves the planet a cooler place, not a hotter place. We are making sure that as little fossil fuels as possible are burnt and we are accounting for all of them. We are also asking attendees to plant trees that will absorb the carbon we are releasing in the atmosphere and store it for a few decades – enough time for us to complete the transformation to a zero fossils 100% renewable world economy. Help us make it happen!

You can plant trees in your city and dedicate them to COY7. This way you can participate in COY7 in a very special way, by temporarily taking the carbon back out of the atmosphere and storing it in trees.

If you would like to plant trees for COY7, please fill out this form.

We now have over 3000 trees planted and dedicated to COY7. These are spread between Nigeria, Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico, the Marshall Islands, Japan, The Phillipines and South Africa. Make your country the next!

If you want to see the full list of trees planted with details of species and location, see this spreadsheet.