With more speakers and workshops to be confirmed! 


8.30am            Registration
9.30am            IT BEGINS! 
Plenary – Introduction to the Conference of Youth (COY)
9.45am            Tribute to Wangari Maathai, an inspirational environmental and political
activist, by the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change
10.15am          We come together for get to know you games and activities and a group photo!
11.15am           Morning Tea
11.45am          History of Youth at the Conference of Parties (COP)
12.30pm         Lunch with a Meat Free Mondays Presentation
By Tammy Fry from Fry’s Vegetarian (sponsor of some of the food at COY)
1.30pm            A selection of workshops including UNFCCC Crash Course for Beginners and
Intermediates, Public Narrative training and Introduction to Climate Science
and many more exciting ones!
3.00pm            Afternoon Tea
3.30pm            A selection of workshops including Communicating Climate Change,
Campaign Strategy Nuts and Bolts, Indigenous Policy and Caucus and many
5.00pm            NGO Roundtable
A facilitated session where Youth NGOs can talk about their aims for COP and
what they hope to achieve, with a Q&A session
6.00pm            Day One close


8.30am            Registration
9.30am            Plenary – Introduction with an outline of the day’s program and we get to hear
from Bill McKibben, founder of
9.45am            Plenary – Stories of youth climate successes – amazing case studies of
what youth have been doing in their own countries to combat climate change
10.30am          Anti-Oppression Workshop and Introduction to Spokescouncil (the
youth decision-making process during COP)
11.45am          Morning Tea
12.15pm          A selection of workshops including UNFCCC Crash Course for Beginners and
Intermediates, Lessons from organising election campaigns, South African
Youth Perspectives on Climate Change and Setting up a Youth Climate
Coalition in your country
1.45pm            Lunch with the We Have Faith Act Now For Climate Justice Youth
Caravan telling us about their experiences and a small concert!
2.45pm            A selection of workshops including Lessons from digital and online
organising, Climate Change and the Pacific, Forests in the Climate Change
Negotiations and many more
4.15pm            Afternoon Tea
4.45pm            Working group spaces and some workshops – all the working groups
will be present to introduce delegates to their working groups, what they are
working on, and how they can get involved, as well as some workshops such
as Community Based Climate Action!
6.00pm            Day Two close – there will be a social event in the evening for all attendees


9.30am            Plenary – Introduction, recaps of 1st and 2nd days, report back from the working
groups and overview of YOUNGO Focal Points, Jean-Paul and Lauren
10.30am          Morning Tea
11.00am          A selection of workshops including Theories of Change, Artivism and Media
in Campaigning and many more!
12.30pm          Lunch
1.30pm            A selection of workshops including Sex & Sustainability: Linking
Reproductive Health, Gender and Climate Change, Public Narrative and many more!
3.00pm            Afternoon Tea
3.30pm            Working group spaces and some workshops!
5.00pm            Closing Plenary and wrap-up with Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director of
Greenpeace International speaking!
6.00pm            Close of Last day!