YOUNGO Roll Call: Australian Youth Climate Coalition

YOUNGO Roll Call: Australian Youth Climate Coalition

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Australian Youth Climate Coalition

On its website the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) boasts its ambitious theory of change: the organization asserts that “climate change is the single greatest threat facing humanity, and that young people – as the inheritors of this planet – are the key stakeholder in humanity’s response to the climate crisis.” Within that crisis, however, is an opportunity to “create a more sustainable, just and fair Australia.” AYCC believes a generation-wide movement can rise to the challenge, engaging thousands of people across the continent who are willing to take bold action on climate change issues.

Seven youth comprise the AYCC’s team of directors; the organization also operates under a 39-page constitution and partners with groups such as the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and the National Indigenous Youth Movement of Australia. AYCC recently registered approximately 22,000 people during its Youth Decide campaign. Delegations have been sent to UN climate negotiations for the past few years; AYCC plans to send a team to COP 18 in Qatar this fall.

AYCC’s most recent campaign, Walk for Solar, just ended after dozens of youth walked 300 km from Port Augusta to Adelaide. Along with engaging and encouraging communities across the region to support solar development, the AYCC’s journey earned them a surprise visit – and show of support – from South Australian Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis! The campaign’s success proves AYCC’s theory of change is more than just that: it’s an effective, successful strategy for solving the climate change crisis.