YOUNGO Roll Call: Earth in Brackets

YOUNGO Roll Call: Earth in Brackets

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Earth in Brackets

To answer a question regarding its namesake, Earth in Brackets (EIB) states, “Brackets are used during international meetings to denote text that’s controversial. If countries can’t agree, the bracketed text is removed. Earth is now in brackets.”

EIB doesn’t claim to have a set-in-stone mission statement, but generally the group, based at the College of the Atlantic in Maine, USA, aims to bring the voices of civil society into the oft-inaccessible halls of climate negotiations; translate and analyze the cryptic language/nuances of environmental diplomacy; contest the UN space to ensure its process serves citizens; and inform, inspire, empower and embolden youth activism.

Earth in Brackets is composed of an ever-changing group of students with a vast array of passions. Primarily involving itself in the UN climate regime, EIB has focused on issues in adaptation, finance, technology transfer, market-mechanisms and mitigation – always with a justice perspective. Similarly to most youth organisations, full and fair civil society participation in global environmental governance is a cause EIB advocates constantly.

The organisation is in a process of solidification; in the safety of a “sustainable venture incubator,” EIB has been refining its identity. The YOUNGO community can look forward to a revamped Earth in Brackets website that’ll be more organized and easier to use. In the year or so since Anjali Appadurai’s intervention at COP17 in Durban, EIB has grown a lot and, like other youth organizations, is in the process of learning-by-doing every day. EIB has sent delegations to international climate conferences since the organization’s creation in 2006; its goal for COP18 is to have a more strategically coordinated youth effort.

Information provided by Nathan Thanki.